Raven Slip-on


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Our newest model, the Raven slip-on, is a sleek and comfortable casual shoe with the same zero drop, natural sole as our racers.

Based on the 10/10 polyurethane sole these shoes are 100 % constructed in Milwaukie, Oregon. All materials are made in the USA.

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(W4/M2.5) 1528, (W5/M3.5) 1527, (W6/M4.5) 1422, (W7/M5.5) 1423, (W8/M6.5) 1424, (W9/M7.5) 1421, (M8/W9.5) 1417, (M9/W10.5) 1418, (M10/W11.5) 1419, (M11) 1315, (M12) 1425, (M13)1426


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