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Infinite Sizing

Infinite Sizing

100% Comfort
"I've never had anything so comfortable on my feet before."
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Label: Cobbler's Shoe Last
Label: Your Perfect Fit!
Illustration: Cobbler's Last
Illustration: Carson Shoe, Side View

Your true fit at last! A “last” is the foot form cobblers use to create a shoe. Much like the body forms that seamstresses use, lasts dictate the length, width, instep depth and general fit/feel of a shoe. This is why many shoes fit differently from year to year. Manufacturers often change the last to help affect the fit, which is great if you wanted a change, not so great if you love the fit of the current model. 

I was sick of shoe companies changing the fit of shoes I thought fit perfectly, so at Carson Footwear, we decided to share our Last IDs. By doing this, our customers can be certain the fit will be exact from year to year. A (9) 1418 will always be a (9) 1418. This gives us the ability to have an infinite number of lasts in the same size, or INFINITE SIZING. Any last can be applied to any Carson shoe model. Rest assured that your style and comfort will be spot on, every time.

Currently, we have one set of lasts per size. In the future, you will also be able to choose from different versions within a size. The chart size has the INFINITE SIZING Last ID on the left and the translated conventional size on the right. For a men’s size 9, with our current lasts, you would wear a 1418. While it adds a layer of complexity to your selection process, we decided to number them this way to get you the most accurate fit possible. 

Your Perfect Foot Bed!
Carson shoe on a comfy bed.

Sizing Templates

Women 6 / Men 4.5

Women 10.5 / Men 9

Women 7 / Men 5.5

Women 11.5 / Men 10

Women 8 / Men 6.5

Women 12.5 / Men 11

Women 9 / Men 7

Women 13.5 / Men 12

Women 9.5 / Men 8

Women 14.5 / Men 13