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PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order and could take 30 days to ship.  The Cafe's came about one Friday trying to find something to do with those burlap bags you see around coffee shops and roasters, MT hood Roasters in rhododendron Oregon in my case. This shoe is so fun to wear I'm not sure if you will ever see me in another pair of shoes. Whats the shoe build like? The shoe is constructed primarily of leather distressed Italian leather for the heels and quarters, super soft pigskin lining and a suede vamp backed with burlap coffee bags to give it some style, like the design your barista makes in your latte these are really fun to look at but more fun to put on and enjoy all the natural comfort. The shoes are built around our standard "lasts" so if you have a pair and understand our fit and sizing you know you can trust the fit. If you're new to our sizing please send us an email if you have any questions. All of our shoes are built to order entirely in the USA. All soles are made from our custom blend polyurethane sole made here in the USA. More sizes coming soon!  Thanks for the support! ENJOY!!



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