Donut holes containment covers (sets of 10) (Copy)


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We are in this together. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it's alarming how many people think they are invincible. It may be even harder to believe that grocery stores do not require any sort of PPE to enter, welcoming all - sick or not - to share... because sharing is caring right??

Here at Carson we wanted a way to help, so we set out to make some much needed medical face masks. We had a couple primary goals.

Goal 1: Make it reusable.

Goal 2: Make it rapidly producible in very high volumes.

Carrie Wilson gets full credit for getting the simplistic no-thread-required design genius right! We are working on some other models for our emergency workers and docs with a higher level of filtration, but we wanted to get this out to the public to promote covering you donut hole!

These are made from the same super soft double brushed polyester spandex, making them a nice comfy way to cover your donut hole all day.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not medical grade and will not protect you from the coronavirus. Our hope is that people use these to contain their own broadcasting of droplets in public places. I feel confident if we were all covering our donut holes we could really contain the spread and help bring an end to this chapter of life that will be etched in all of our permanent memories.

Each order includes 10 identical covers. Due to very high demand, please allow five days for production.

As with all our products, these are made in small batches in our Oregon shop.

Stay healthy, stay strong and stay positive, we will get through this!!


Thanks for the support

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