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Nothing fussy. Nothing flashy. Everything quality. This is your Standard-Issue: all-black, all-purpose, all-terrain shoe.

Built with a zero-drop, polyurethane midsole/outsole with a light, flexible upper. Includes a 5mm sockliner for ultimate comfort and added protection. All of our shoes are made to order by hand in beautiful Oregon.


Please Note: The 10/10 is being phased out if you would like a 10/10 please ask and we will let you know if we have any available.



(W4/M2.5) 1528, (W5/M3.5) 1527, (W6/M4.5) 1422, (W7/M5.5) 1423, (W8/M6.5) 1424, (W9/M7.5) 1421, (M8/W9.5) 1417, (M9/W10.5) 1418, (M10/W11.5) 1419, (M11) 1315, (M12) 1425, (M13)1426


10/10, 12/12 (aggressive)


  1. Landon Crotts

    I have had these shoes for about 500 miles of jogging on mostly pavement and they are still holding up reasonably well. I’ve had to do some restitching near the toe on one shoe. However, I am not a professional running and am over 200 pounds at 6′ tall. Thus, these shoes have been through a lot of heavy and hard work but continue to hold up well. The weight of these shoes is like wearing an extra pair of socks. I plan on buying another set when my current set is worn out.

  2. Ian Adler (verified owner)

    Wore two pairs of the 12/12 in size 10 for hundreds of miles on both trail and pavement, hiking and running/walking. I love the shoe and get lots of compliments on it, so I always tell folks all about the company and how awesome the shoes are.
    A few thoughts:
    – For backpacking, or anything on trails in the Northeast, I’d suggest buying the rock plate insert they sell. Takes the edge off of the rocks and roots. I keep one pair with the inserts and one without.
    – The 12/12 is great for trails in dryer climates with less scrambling. I think the 10/10 might perform better in the Northeast, like along the AT or Long Trail, where exposed rocks are sometimes the only surface you’re in contact with. More surface area of the shoe on the slick surface should mean less slippage, although I haven’t tried them out.
    – As I said, great shoe and my first “minimalist” shoe – I’m hooked. However, brutal on my legs when I run on the pavement. Can’t do it anymore. Ran in a pair of Hoka Bondi’s (think marshmallows with a Hoka logo on them) after nothing but Carsons for 7-8 months and the difference was huge. I’ll probably go with something like the Altra Rivera until Carson has a more impact-friendly model (if that’s in their plan).
    – As far as fit goes, everyone’s feet are so different so don’t force it. If you’re having issues with blisters or pain, either sizing or the stack height just aren’t right. I was lucky and these worked for me, which is hardly the case, so I’m happy with them!
    – That being said, I eased into it since I had never had true “zero drop” shoes before and it saved me some leg and foot pain. Take it slow if you are like me and wear them once a week at first, then more as time goes on.

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Good for someone transitioning to minimalist shoes but probably wouldn’t be enjoyed by hardcore fans. I bought them and didn’t like them because I am used to more traditional minimalist shoes. Instead, I gave them to my brother who is somewhat skeptical of zero drop and he really likes them. If there was a pair with maybe half the sole thickness and a wider toe box that lets your toes spread completely I would be a buyer.
    -true zero drop
    -I like the rubber in the soles. They are good blend between soft and hard to the point where it probably is close to what running in grass is like.
    -The founder seems like a really good guy. I emailed him if I could return the shoes (which you can) and he responded personally. He also gave me some free Fireball candies with my shoes (lol). Continue to support this guy and American manufacturing.
    -Toebox is too narrow for someone used to minimalist shoes and was the deal breaker for me.
    -The sole is too thick for my preference. I’d probably cut it in half.

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