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The warrior is a symbol of courage and perseverance. May these shoes help you find that inner strength you need in order to achieve victory!

Built with a zero-drop, Pure Poly polyurethane midsole/outsole with a light, flexible upper. Includes a 5mm sockliner for ultimate comfort and added protection. All of our shoes are made to order by hand, with love, in the USA.


10/10, 12/12 (aggressive)


  1. Andrew Marasek (verified owner)

    First off, these shoes feel great! I’m use to wearing other running shoes with a ton of padding on the heal and always thought that makes them feel better, but it might be the other way around now. I don’t see myself ever buying another brand again. As for running in these, you NEED to run the proper running style. If you even try and do heal first, you’ll be met with knee pain quick. I think most people buying these would already be running toes first though. For me however, I’m in the military and wear boots 6 days a week, causing my feet and ankles to be weak and in turn made me want to run heal first. I can only run 1 mile as of now because my ankles get too tired, but I know I’ll go further as I build those muscles.

    Anyways, these shoes feel great. I was shocked how good they feel.

  2. Todd Phillips (verified owner)

    I just can’t believe it…… These are the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever worn.
    I’m a 45 years old male and no stranger to spending the necessary amount money for good quality footwear for casual and active purposes. The mindset in doing so is for comfort, injury prevention and reduction of fatigue. On average I run approximately 5-7 miles a day and regularly participate in mud/adventure races and have had several pairs of shoes over the years to accommodate these activities. I accidently came across Carson Footwear when doing a search for wide footbed shoes. I spent some time researching a deciding to make the purchase. One email to Carson for a sizing question and I bought my first pair of Carson’s. I expressed to Carson how anxious I was to receive the footwear and a quick email back from Mr. Carson himself assured me that they were on it and would construct my Warriors and get them out ASAP.
    One week later they arrived, it was a night, so a run wasn’t in the cards. I immediately opened the box to peruse my new Carson’s and put them on to walk around the house. I just couldn’t believe it; this experience was not was I was expecting. I’ve never had anything so comfortable on my feet before. I showed them off to the family (who all run) and we gazed at the product that Carson has produced and pointed out the differences from your average running sneaker, that we were all to familiar with.
    At this time, I’ve put approximately 25 miles in, in my Carson’s. Carson has blown me away and exceeded my expectations. I don’t want to take them off and I want to run more because they are on my feet. The are almost “repairing”, I feel muscles activated that weren’t before, pain in the knees are gone and fatigue is significantly reduced. I can only imagine how much thought and science have gone into this product, right down to the laces that you only have to tie once, they lock in place or something, they’ve never come untied or loosened during a run. I don’t think I’ve ever written a review on a product in the past, but the total experience that I have had with Carson Footwear has compelled me to do so.
    I will do another review once I get more miles and wear out of my Carson’s
    I will be purchasing more Carson’s, maybe only Carson’s, for life. Thank you, Carson’s Footwear!!!

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